Private Health Cash Plans

Private health cash plans allow you to spread the cost of certain healthcare expenses, for a regular monthly premium. There are a variety of companies that provide these type of health cash plans, with a range of benefits and costs. As a registered member of the CNHC a number of these companies will cover my hypnotherapy treatments.

Policies can be funded by an employer or purchased by an individual, for themselves or for their family. They work by processing claims for reimbursement for healthcare costs not funded by the NHS or private medical insurance policies. Each company offers different levels of coverage, which reimburse for costs of varying therapies to set annual limits.

For more information on the CNCH Private Health Cash Plans, the most current information can be found here

It is essential that clients check their coverage before committing to or paying for treatments if they want to apply for reimbursement of fees, in particular the coverage for Hypnotherapy.

If you want to discuss using your private health cash plan to pay for your treatment click the button below to book an initial enquiry call.