Female Issues

With the help of Sexual Freedom Hypnosis you will be able to explore your sexual pleasures, leaving behind issues and discomforts that have been getting in your way. Sexuality starts in the mind, so this therapy is well focused and directed for your needs.

Many women grew up believing good girls don’t enjoy sex, that their role is to please men, or that sex is just a function for producing babies, and not really there for their pleasure.

So let’s change this up for you, and give you your sexual freedom, by guiding you to a level of sexuality that you want.


Vaginismus is the clamping shut of the vaginal muscles preventing or causing painful penetration. It's actually very common but hardly talked about!  

Sexual Freedom Hypnosis has a unique hypnosis method that has helped 100's of women become free of vaginismus and be able to have enjoyable and satisfying sex.

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The inability to orgasm, can make a woman feel under pressure and like they have failed sexually.

Hypnosis can help women let go, and get in touch with their body and their sensuality, let go of shame and guilt, and help them to discover the joy of orgasmic bliss. 

Painful Sex

Painful sex (Dyspareunia) should always be investigated by your doctor, but if no cause is found, or the pain doesn't respond to regular treatment, then hypnosis is a very good treatment option.

Hypnosis has been proven in medical studies to reduce or eliminate pain during sex.

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Post Natal Issues

Giving birth can have a very positive effect upon female sexuality, but the opposite can also be true. Injury whilst giving birth, Post-natal depression, changes in physical appearance and traumatic birth can all take their toll. Hypnosis can help resolve the trauma, address low mood and help a women love her new post birth body. 

Please Note

As with all issues and conditions, it is important that you talk to your doctor to ensure there are no medical problems or underlying physical causes associated with your symptoms. Once you have done that, hypnosis can be your way forward to overcoming a sexual dysfunction