Male Issues

Men are often thought of as the driver of sexual activity in a relationship, and often feel responsible for their partner’s pleasure. But men, like women, are complex sexual beings, and they also have their needs for intimacy and love. Shame and guilt, past experiences, abuse, sexual confidence, performance anxiety can affect men just as much as women sexually.

Many men worry about their erections, that they may cum too quickly, that they might not satisfy their partner. These issues can take away the pleasure from sex and intimacy, and cause a negative impact to their levels of confidence, desire and libido.

Erectile Dysfunction

All men will have an experience of erectile dysfunction at some time. For most it is a one off, or an infrequent experience. But this can be a warning for some men, that something physical is going on, so a visit to your GP is important to get you checked out.

Although Viagra is an option, it does not suit all men, so sexual freedom hypnosis can be a means of putting you back in control

Premature Ejaculation

Unfortunately many men feel they need to last for hours before they ejaculate, perhaps because of  how sex is portrayed in films or porn. In reality the average man last 4-5 minutes before ejaculation.

Sexual freedom hypnosis helps by connecting you fully with your arousal and putting you in control of it, so that you can decide when you want to ejaculate.


The inability to orgasm can make a man feel under pressure and make him feel like a sexual failure. For many men, that pressure to orgasm can become a major block.

Sexual freedom Hypnosis can help men let go and get in touch with their arousal and body, let go of shame and guilt and help them to discover the joy of orgasmic bliss. 

Sexual Confidence

Low sexual confidence can have a major negative impact on a person’s enjoyment of sex and can even stop people having sex completely.

Sexual freedom hypnosis can help you feel better about your connection and sensuality.

Raising self-confidence as well as sexual confidence will lead to better sexual experiences and a more enjoyable sexual relationship.

Please Note

As with all issues and conditions, it is important that you talk to your doctor to ensure there are no medical problems or underlying physical causes associated with your symptoms. Once you have done that, hypnosis can be your way forward to overcoming a sexual dysfunction.